#What is Poool?

Poool is a registration & subscription solutions provider. Thanks to our powerful tools Access and Subscribe, we aim to let you seamlessly implement engagement & subscription stategies without the hassle of implementing an old subscription management software.

#What does Access do?

Access is a whatever-wall service empowering online content creators to dynamically control how their visitors access their content.

⏱️ Blazing Fast: Implement paywalls, regwalls etc. in a matter of minutes
⚡️ Dynamic to the core: Run multiple strategies, designs & messages without even touching a line of code
💅 Highly customizable: Create an infinite number of custom layouts

#What does Subscribe do?

Subscribe allows premium content producers to handle the subscription process from A to Z without any friction.

🔮 Simple: Launch a subscription model in a single click, as if it were magic
Seamless: Guarantee a seamless and fluid user experience to your future subscribers
🎨 Unique: Create beautiful subscription sites that fit any of your needs

#What about my developers?

Poool provides a set of tools to simplify the integration and launch of any type of free or premium strategy on your site or application. These include:
  • Front-end SDKs to build web and mobile subscription experiences
  • Public APIs to retrieve particular sets of datas when needed
  • Third-party integrations to receive user events as soon as they happen