Poool's JavaScript SDKs are lightweight, production-ready, battle-tested utilities allowing you to display beautiful & fully dynamic walls for the web. They have been built using modern JavaScript but were made to work with most of the browsers still in use today.

ℹ️ Our JavaScript examples use the ES6 syntax. While most modern browsers natively support ES6, make sure you adapt your code so it properly works with your end users’ environment. To transpile ES6 code into ES5, we recommend using Babel or SWC.

#Typescript support

Our SDKs are compatible with a Typescript integration. You can use Access in a typescript environment with the types provided in the defintely Typed repository @types/poool-access.

It provides Access and Audit and all the sub interfaces and types. An example of a simple typescript integration is available here.


You can import the global context interfaces using typescript reference
And you can use the configurations interfaces by doing

ℹ️ The legacy Poool script does not support typescript.


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