Poool uses webhooks to notify you when an event happens from the paywall on server side.

#What are webhooks?

Webhooks are a way for an app to communicate with another one. They are automated messages sent to a URL whenever a given event occurs.

#Integrate webhooks

Start using webhooks in just three steps:
1. Create a webhook endpoint on your server (e.g. https://example.com/webhooks).

2. Enable the webhooks inside the Poool's dashboard Access settings of your app under the "Third-party integrations" section and fill in the target URL.

3. optionnal. Configure the webhooks response body to display custom errors on the newsletter & form Widgets.
The response must respect the following conditions:
  • status: 2xx. All response codes outside of the 2xx range will be ignored.
  • content type: application/json
  • body: see the description of the different available webhooks.

⚠️ As long as you return a 200 status with a payload containing field names & errors, your reader will not be able to unlock his article.

#Available Webhooks


If you need to add custom validation for the email field and want to return a custom error message:


If you need to add custom validation for form fields and want to return custom error messages: